The Ozark fan theory that spells bad news for Wyatt

That theory took shape in a temporary Reddit thread that started innocently sufficient through asking how enthusiasts assume Ruth and Wyatt will fare in season 4 of Ozark

Consumer Elsubmarinero temporarily kicked conspiracy time into tools through posting, “With the routine theme of circle of relatives killing circle of relatives on this display, I would not be shocked if some roughly killing occurs inside the Langmores. I am anticipating it extra inside the Byrdes although, as Jonah has but to say his first kill.”

That “circle of relatives killing circle of relatives” statement is especially astute, particularly because it relates to the Langmores and the more and more bad Jonah Byrde (Skyler Gaertner), however TheInternetIsScary44 presented an similarly intriguing selection, “Ruth kills Darlene and a Byrde kills Wyatt sooner than he sells them out to the police officers, ebook it.” That is a completely believable process occasions too, as the entire Ruth and Darlene alliance turns out shaky at highest, and Wyatt nonetheless has it in for the Byrde extended family.

From there danielmc4400 posed the most obvious follow-up query: “Which Byrde although?” sooner than including, “it simplest is smart if it is Wendy or Jonah, Marty and particularly Charlotte may not kill Wyatt.”

It is onerous to argue with this common sense. Marty and Charlotte do not need to harm Wyatt, although needs might in the end end up inappropriate if Wyatt comes on the Byrdes head on. As for Wendy and Jonah, neatly, Wendy has confirmed herself greater than able to making a tricky choice like that, and at this level Jonah turns out primed to kill someone who crosses his trail. So yeah, Wyatt might neatly need to steer clear of them each within the coming season of Ozark.

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