Prof. Farnsworth’s most important invention on Futurama

Even though Futurama regularly satirizes the standard tropes of science fiction, the group at the back of the making of the display contains writers with PhDs in math, laptop science, and chemistry. The ingenious group has extra levels than a thermometer, which is helping the display succeed in a top stage of verisimilitude in its more than a few plots. Even the most outlandish ideas on Futurama are regularly rooted in exact science.

Despite the fact that darkish topic makes up about 27% of the universe, science has been not able to look at this elusive substance without delay. Regardless of this reality, our perfect astrophysicists nonetheless know a couple of issues about its houses, and Futurama was once it sounds as if spot on when theorizing that darkish topic might be vastly recommended as a gas supply. In step with Forbes, “darkish topic might be the easiest gas that makes our interstellar desires come true.” 

Despite the fact that the professor simply falls prey to web scams and as soon as put Hitler’s mind into the frame of an excellent white shark, his invention of a dismal topic engine is evidence that he is nonetheless one the most clever characters on the display — 2d best to the Harlem Globetrotters.

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