This was Jesse’s biggest weakness in Breaking Bad

In an observant Reddit thread entitled “It bothers me that Jesse by no means learned how a lot Jane manipulated him,” Redditor u/ktsmith91 opined about, smartly, why Jesse will have to have learned he was being manipulated via his junky female friend Jane (Krysten Ritter).

“Once the cash was introduced up ($480,000) she was utterly fixated on it,” u/ktsmith91 wrote. “Jesse was so whipped. And he by no means turns out to appreciate this even in El Camino. He all the time appears at her as though they had been really soulmates.”

It is true that Jane turns out to have ulterior motives as she pursues her courting with Jesse, however the importance of this doomed courting all the time lay extra in what Jane intended to Jesse, relatively than the opposite direction round. As u/Really extensive-Dream-75 put it in reaction to the thread, “The vital factor about Jane to Jesse is not Jane, it is the approach he felt when he was with Jane. Poisonous or codependent or no matter, he had some moments of authentic happiness when he was with Jane. That is what he is flashing again to in El Camino.”

In fact, a lot of Jane’s nastiness has been overshadowed via the horror of her demise. The scene of Walter White status idly via whilst Jane chokes to demise on her personal vomit frequently ranks as certainly one of Walter’s darkest moments, and it is a essential beat in the devolution of Walter’s persona. As u/ktsmith91 identified, then again, possibly we’ve got all spent sufficient time parsing Walter’s reaction to witnessing Jane’s demise, and now not sufficient time occupied with simply how badly she handled Jesse. This is not to signify that Jane by some means deserved what she were given, however let’s now not fake that she and Jesse had been destined for thankfully ever after.

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