The original Darksaber might surprise Mandalorian fans

It was once the mid-’90s, and science fiction writer Kevin J. Anderson was once preserving busy writing a chain of Famous person Wars novels and comics. 1996 noticed the release of 1 such guide, helpfully titled Darksaber.

Darksaber‘s name referred to a weapon within the novel that went via the similar name. However somewhat than providing readers a lightsaber that might remove darkness from the entire gross portions of a resort room, Anderson envisioned a superweapon able to (prevent us if you happen to’ve heard this one) destroying whole planets. The Darksaber was once a boat, considerably extra cell than the Loss of life Famous person however with all of the similar possible for bulldozing Alderaan. Additionally, it was once constructed within the form of a lightsaber hilt.

The tale is beautiful wild. At one level, Luke Skywalker runs right into a pack of wampas being led via the only he dismembered initially of The Empire Moves Again. And as nice as it will be to document that the riot destroyed the Darksaber send via construction their very own large lightsaber after which having a 20-story sword combat, the eponymous weapon will get smashed via a few asteroids as a substitute. As planet-crushing superweapon endings move, that is just about on par with sucking a goose into your engine.

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