The 5 best and 5 worst Walking Dead character endings


Every time a brand new character will get a bit of additional display screen time, savvy audiences know to begin making ready for a dramatic loss of life. Denise Cloyd is an ideal instance. Presented as one of the most townspeople in Alexandria, she reluctantly turns into the group’s physician. When Denise units off on a provide venture with Daryl and Rosita within the 6th season, her modest arc kicks all at once into prime tools, in some way that mainly screams, “DEATH IS COMING FOR THIS CHARACTER.” Denise is decided to grow to be such a particular person Tara, her female friend, merits. After risking her existence to get an orange soda, Denise is lectured by means of the others. She begins to provide an explanation for what this travel in point of fact means to her, revealing that Daryl reminds her of her courageous brother, and that lonely Rosita reminds her of who she was. Unexpectedly, she’s shot in the course of the eye with a bolt from Daryl’s stolen crossbow, now wielded by means of Dwight.

This second looks like a hasty finish to a moderately inconsequential character, designed to ramp up Alexandria’s approaching warfare with the Saviors. The Walking Dead has confirmed time and once more that it might wrap up season-long arcs with out shameless surprise moments like this: There may be merely no excuse for packing an episode with less-important characters like Denise, simply to stun other people with a unexpected dying. And in point of fact, who used to be even surprised? The minute she begins taking over extra display screen time, you just about know she’s headed for the grave sooner than the credit roll.

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