What The Boys’ Seven would look like as DC villains

Chace Crawford will get the fast finish of the stick as The Deep, the Aquaman analogue of The Seven. Relegated to fixing water-based crimes and flexing his muscular tissues for the Seven’s fanbase, he is by no means a well-respected member of the staff. What little admire he does have is misplaced utterly after it is printed to the general public that he sexually assaulted Starlight, leading to a one-way price tag off the staff. Following a protracted whilst in rehab, The Deep believes he is in a position to go back, simplest to be sidelined once more like the perpetual funny story he’s.

Kite Guy is simply as laborious to take significantly (with a name like that … ). The function would be a work of cake for Crawford taking into consideration his revel in as The Deep. The distinction is that Kite Guy is way more sympathetic — he is not a sexual predator, he does not obsess over his symbol, and his circle of relatives is suffering from his crimes. Not like The Deep, Kite Guy additionally sees some extent of luck, or even is helping Batman at one level. Enjoying Kite Guy, then, would be some way for Crawford to take a brand new way to a funny story personality.

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