Why some fans hated the Salamanca twins in Breaking Bad

In a Reddit thread began by way of ShadowRealm225, the person kicked issues off by way of announcing, “I hate the twins. They are so rattling unrealistic. I do know, this display is not intended to be reasonable however the ones characters are instantly out of a s***** horror film. It in reality kills the immersion now and then.” The twins, Leonel and Marco Salamanca — extra usually referred to as “the Cousins” — seem all the way through season 3 of the display. They start a gradual march into the United States from Mexico sooner than in spite of everything making their approach into Albuquerque, the place they get right into a taking pictures showdown with Hank Schrader, being silent the complete approach via. 

It is a sentiment it sounds as if shared by way of quite a few fans of the display, with the overwhelming consensus being that the brothers simply did not are compatible into the general tone of the sequence. A few of the feedback in the thread incorporated, “It does come off as somewhat cartoonish now and then for a display that turns out to check out to be relatively grounded in fact,” and “They you should be so critical however they only come off as goofy.”

On the different hand, Redditor AUGUSTIJNcomics attempted to provide an alternate clarification for a way the twins are compatible into the narrative, by way of suggesting, “I believe the twins are bulls*** on goal simply to turn that not anything is as it kind of feels with characters in breaking unhealthy. They look like the threat as a result of they’re large guys with axes however in fact threat hides from inside of now not from look.” This does make sense. You can naturally suppose those two menacing brothers, apparently instantly out of a James Bond movie, could be the maximum robust drive in New Mexico — when in fact, Walter White was once at all times the threat. 

Then again, for those who suppose the Salamanca twins have been nice, then you will want to song into the ultimate season of Higher Name Saul to look in the event that they reappear. You by no means know who may display up for one ultimate experience. 

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