Why The Boys fans are worried about a Homelander power

On The Boys, it is established that Homelander can fly at supersonic speeds, which leads Redditor RedViperMartell94 to invite, “Would somebody die in the event that they flew with Homelander?” 

In spite of everything, if the Supe is solely sporting you, then you might be uncovered to the weather, and would without a doubt go out and die if he have been to pick out you up and fly at best pace simply out within the open. 

Whilst RedViperMartell94 may just handiest bear in mind Homelander flying with Queen Maeve and Ryan (who each have superpowers), every other person discussed, “He flew Butcher out the home ahead of the bomb exploded in S01E08.” Granted, that used to be a lovely fast shuttle to get Billy Butcher out of injury’s approach, so there is a just right probability it wasn’t lengthy sufficient to motive any critical hurt. Plus, we need to consider that Homelander has some modicum of regulate over his flight pace. He does not essentially have to head supersonic each and every unmarried time, and will possibly alter as vital to verify hurt does not come to any passengers. 

In the similar dialogue, fellow Redditor ikarosswings0 introduced science and math into the combination. “He’s reportedly in a position to fly at as much as 1500 mph in keeping with google. That is about mach2,” the person defined. “Above mach 1.2 or so, you’re going to select up important warmth from the friction of air resistance. Given a enough period of time at prime pace, you could most likely die from the warmth, which might be 300-400 levels. This is able to take a number of mins relying on what you have been dressed in, and so on. In relation to acceleration, if he held you the unsuitable approach and sped up, it would kill or significantly injure you, however would most likely no longer be immediate.”

By way of the sounds of it, you might want to most likely live to tell the tale a fast shuttle with Homelander, if he made up our minds to fly round with you, however we would not suggest the shuttle lasting greater than a short time. Regardless that in truth, we would not suggest spending any period of time with Homelander, without reference to the place you are. 

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