Is the Good Lord Bird a true story?

You must position the phrase “ancient” in entrance of “fiction” when describing The Good Lord Bird, even though, as a result of there may be quite a lot of reality at play during. Or even as Onion might not be a actual ancient determine, maximum of the characters populating the personality’s orbit are. Leader amongst them is Hawke’s John Brown who, decidedly noble intentions apart, stays one among the extra notorious figures in American historical past.

If you are now not aware of John Brown’s tale, The Good Lord Bird greater than does justice to the guy and his legend, together with his involvement in “Bleeding Kansas” generation of the American Midwest. John Brown used to be certainly a widespread participant in the violent border clashes which passed off in the wake of the divisive Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854, main a guerrilla military bent on now not simply liberating however arming each and every enslaved particular person they might, and ultimately coming to imagine an identical techniques may flip the tide in the slave-trading Southern states.

Actually, Brown meant to steer violent uprisings throughout the South by means of militarizing freed slaves armed with guns claimed right through the siege of Harper’s Ferry. Because it does in The Good Lord Bird, that siege in the long run failed, resulting in the dying of maximum of Brown’s faction, and his personal execution for treason. In the eyes of maximum historians, it additionally proved one among the key occasions that plunged the country into civil conflict. 

Sure, John Brown’s lifestyles used to be each and every bit as loopy because it sounds, and each and every bit as intriguing as it is introduced in The Good Lord Bird. And sure, Hawke’s grand-standing portrayal of the determine is greater than price the worth of admission, specifically for somebody cautious of cracking the pages of a official historical past e book to be told about him — even though you truly must learn a couple of the ones books too.  

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