Is this Homelander’s only redeeming moment on The Boys?

Whilst now we have observed Homelander brutally kill other people in an absolutely unforgiving means, the collection offers him an oz of sympathy when it finds his backstory: Homelander grew up with out folks in a chilly, sterile lab the place the medical doctors elevating him had been petrified of him. They saved their distance and he changed into a psychopath. That is one thing he does now not need for Ryan.

Alternatively, up till this level within the tale, Homelander’s insistence that Ryan show off his superpowers has put drive on the boy. Like one would possibly push a child down a hill on a bicycle, Homelander hilariously, however horribly, pushes Ryan off a roof to fall smack on his face. Ryan does not precisely agree with him.

But if Ryan learns simply how a lot Becca is hiding from him — the entire international — he submits to being abducted by way of his dad. Alternatively, the younger boy has spent his complete 8 years secluded in a area with nobody however his mother. So when Homelander and Stormfront (Aya Money) deliver him to the Seven themed eating place Planet Vought, he will get understandably freaked out by way of the fanatics surrounding the desk. Cue Homelander’s heroic moment: As Ryan starts panicking, Homelander notices his discomfort and flies him away instantly.

In fact, this “smooth” scene is undermined by way of the Supes’ authentic reason to distract Ryan from the truth that they would possibly not let him name his mother. And when he is freaking out, the child is looking for his mother, however Homelander shuttles him to a faraway cabin, as a substitute. There, they have got a moment of bonding earlier than issues flip bitter.

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