What it’s like working with Nicolas Cage

Whilst Moussi could not fit Cage’s enjoy performing in entrance of film cameras, the connection was once reversed when it got here to Jiu Jitsu‘s motion scenes. Moussi, a extremely educated martial artist and skilled stunt performer, discovered himself serving to get Cage on top of things on his large battle and motion beats. Even so, Moussi was once inspired through Cage’s diligence. 

“We confirmed him the primary series, and he truly sought after to rehearse it. Then he requested, ‘Guys, is it k if we are available all over the weekend in combination and rehearse some extra? I do know it’s your weekend, however would you be k with that?'” Moussi instructed Looper. “On a daily basis, we rehearsed for 3 or 4 hours with him. It was once a variety of a laugh. He was once diligent. He sought after to be as excellent as conceivable to shoot the scenes.”

This consideration to element and loss of ego persevered when the cameras have been rolling. “He stated, ‘Alain, if you happen to see the playback and it’s not so good as you need it to be, I will be able to do it as time and again as I want to do to make it nice,'” recalled Moussi. “Now and again it was once one take, two takes, 3 takes, 4. [I’d say], ‘Nic, guy, [it’s] 80 %, 90 %, however I feel we will get extra.’ And [he’d say], ‘Ok, I am doing it once more’ — instantly, and he would wish to do it once more. He was once very dedicated. He had a stunt double on set as smartly, but if it was once his flip to do his motion, which he did lots of, he sought after to be excellent at it. He truly sought after to move and perceive what was once happening to ensure that him to ship his personal efficiency.”

You’ll witness the end result of Moussi and Cage’s exertions when Jiu Jitsu arrives in theaters on November 20.

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