A Yellowstone theory points to a new head of household

In a contemporary Reddit thread about that season 3 cliffhanger, person sempercool16 posited a theory concerning the surprising episode and what would possibly occur in its aftermath. “Very [Godfather]-esque stage hits happening on the finish,” they wrote. “But when we draw the similarities to [The Godfather], Don Corleone survived his capturing however one of his sons took over as Don. The least suspecting son took over as Don. So possibly Beth survives and turns into the head of the circle of relatives.”

They’re referring to the truth that phase of the coordinated hits at the Dutton circle of relatives integrated John, the present Dutton godfather, being gunned down within the center of the street. Whilst it isn’t a one-to-one parallel, the head of the Corleone circle of relatives, Vito (Marlon Brando), was once in a similar fashion gunned down whilst crossing the road in New York in The Godfather. Sooner or later, his son Michael (Al Pacino), who in the past denounced the circle of relatives industry, takes over Vito’s function.

The concept sequence writer and author Taylor Sheridan has been influenced through Coppola’s iconic movie sequence is not exhausting to imagine. In truth, in an interview with Time limit concerning the sequence, he showed as a lot. When requested about the usage of flashbacks to enlarge the arena of his display, Sheridan introduced up The Godfather Section II for instance: “[I]t’s no longer in contrast to, gazing Don Corleone come over to New York on the flip of the century, interspersed with gazing Al Pacino’s Michael Corleone totally embody the ability of his circle of relatives.”

If Coppola’s motion pictures influenced different facets of Yellowstone, then we would possibly quickly see Beth’s ascension to the Don’s chair, in accordance to sempercool16. Then again, whilst different lovers have noticed similarities with The Godfather, no longer everyone seems to be in settlement about which characters correlate between the 2 tales.

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