What Breaking Bad’s Blue Sky makes no sense

Over time, Breaking Dangerous has regularly been famous for each its authenticity, particularly with its depiction of producing methamphetamine. However in line with Breaking Dangerous‘s science adviser Dr. Donna Nelson, Gilligan drew a line within the New Mexico sand when it got here to the science of Walt’s blue product. Mainly, Nelson is adamant that Walt’s purity claims about “Blue Sky” make no sense, as a result of natural meth would, inherently, be white. 

In a up to date chat with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Dr. Nelson went on file declaring that she in particular recommended Vince Gilligan to not make Walt’s “Blue Sky” blue in any respect: “On certainly one of my set visits, Vince got here to me and stated, ‘What do you consider making the meth blue?’ And I stated, ‘I would not do it.'”

From there, Dr. Nelson described a hilarious behind-the-scenes back-and-forth, making it transparent Gilligan used to be more than likely too hooked up to the natural blue meth thought to modify his thoughts by the point he consulted his guide. In her phrases, “He stated, ‘Smartly, would not there be some explanation why if it used to be natural that it may well be blue? You realize, a bit of bit blue.’ And I stated, ‘No, as a result of meth is white.’ And he stated, ‘Smartly, what if it is natural?’ And I stated, ‘Then it is going to be white.’ And he stated, ‘What if it is actually, actually, actually natural?’ And I stated, ‘Then it is going to be actually, actually, actually white.'”

In any case, Gilligan selected to eschew the science of meth for cultured functions. And in all honesty, the arena must be A-okay with the selection, as a result of at this level, it is exhausting to believe Breaking Dangerous with out, “the blue stuff.” Certain, it price the display some credibility within the eyes of science, but it surely indubitably helped make for iconic tv.  

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