NEWS WATCH: A New Super Hero Team Unites Against The King In Black with THE UNION


Get ready to satisfy The Union!

THE UNION by means of creator Paul Grist (Pass judgement on DreddJack Personnel) and artist Andrea Di Vito (Annihilation) will make its grand debut this December! When Knull and his symbiote dragons invade Earth, the Britannia Undertaking, a top-secret program, will compile a brand new crew of British tremendous heroes. The objective: to be an exemplar of what Britain may also be…to turn that we will triumph over our variations, and paintings in combination to offer protection to with a commonplace goal!

The Union is led by means of the loved Britannia, the noble warrior-hero who has lengthy stood as a beacon for all this is very best and vivid in those historical isles. However in spite of the Undertaking’s very best efforts, those heroes aren’t slightly what they appear, and Britannia can have her paintings lower out for her!

In addition to Union Jack, readers in every single place will quickly meet thrilling new UK-based heroes corresponding to:

The Choir, a sufferer of clinical experiments who was a residing weapon with sonic skills: whether or not that’s delicate sounds to disorient other folks’s brains, or screams that would knock over constructions! The maximum tragic member of the crew, she reveals it arduous to consider others.

Kelpie, an historical water demon who can flip her frame to water and has keep an eye on over water round her. Regardless that she turns out mild and breezy, she is also probably the most risky member of the crew.

Snakes, the muscle of the crew…but in addition probably the most mysterious. He’s a person of few phrases–most probably as a result of he’s a telepath besides! Individuals are uncomfortable round him. Is he a person to be relied on?

And naturally, Britannia, certainly one of Britain’s oldest heroes. She symbolizes all that’s vivid and just right about Britain. If she will’t whip those heroes right into a crew, nobody can!

Don’t fail to notice an exhilarating new bankruptcy of Wonder when THE UNION hits stands this December! For more info, discuss with


Written by means of PAUL GRIST

Artwork by means of ANDREA DI VITO

Duvet by means of R.B. SILVA

NEWS WATCH: A New Super Hero Team Unites Against The King In Black with THE UNION

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