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Rating – Uncorrected: 73.957% Critics’Consensus: Nearer’s gifted solid and Mike Nichols’most often confident route ease a bumpy journey from degree to display screen Rating 76.236% A pleasing efficiency by Julia Roberts and a subversive spin at the style have impressed the grievance — and My Best Buddy’s wedding ceremony is a refreshingly entertaining romantic comedy.

This profession trade, involving heavier subject material, has been fruitful, as she has had a string of qualified contemporary dramas together with The Standard Center, Marvel and Ben is Again. Her newest Oscar nominee got here with August : Osage Nation from her Broadway play in 2016. Roberts continues to be streaming and TV — first within the first season of Homecoming — and subsequent within the upcoming gaslit — an alternative have a look at the Watergate scandal. As she explores new ingenious frontiers we rank Julia Roberts movies by Tomatometer!

Adjusted rankings: 13.79%

Critics consensus: Arguably well-thought out but seriously misdirected, Mom’s Day is the cinematic identical of a last-minute present which best highlights its embarrassing loss of effort.

Adjusted rankings: 23.567%

Valentine’s Day is a one-time treaty in addition to full of stars, keen to thrill and empty with a frantic episodic plot and an abundance of romcom cliches squandering its promise.

Reasonable Rating: 22.068%

Critics Consensus: A sport Julia Roberts gave all of it, however Napping with the enemy is a stalker-thriller this is not likely to encourage lots of its personal obsessions.

Observe: 22.937% Adjusted ”

Regardless of boasting a stellar solid, Fireflies within the Lawn is only a uninteresting, uninteresting and predictable melodrama. All at once forgettable.

Measurments: 25.419%

Critics consensus: Demise is simple; it makes the target market care concerning the romance on the center of this unfocused drama that turns tough.

Tailored ranking: 24.906 %

Complaint Consensus: No consensus has but been discovered.

Ratio : 27.89%

Sturgis is the vital consensus that the movie appears to be like excellent and has its moments. However the film used to be total bordered on boredom.

Adjusted rankings: 33.698%

The controversy of the critics certainly: The glance of Hook is full of life however Steven Spielberg right here is happening autopilot, too briefly filing to his sentimental, syrupy qualities.

Won ranking: 36.623%

Regardless of its famed solid, the movie does now not function sympathetic characters and is best humorous in spurts.

Listed Rating: 38.1%.

Complaint Consensus: Even though Mona Lisa Smile advocates the worth of breaking boundaries, the movie itself is predictable and secure.

Notification: 42.248% Adjusted Rating

Complaint Consensus : Regardless of the at ease, simple chemistry of stars Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, Larry Crowne is shocked and traditional.

Rating: 42.016% adjusts

The view is sweet and Julia Roberts is as luminous as ever, however with out the non secular and emotional weight of the ebook that impressed it, Consume Pray Love is simply too shallow to resonate

Directed By:

Overall Ajusted Rating: 40.148%

Critics Consensus: Small the city gossip and a battle of the sexes will have to in fact upload up greater than One thing to Communicate About, particularly with this a lot ability earlier than the digital camera.

Reasonable : 42.76%

Critics Consensus: An complicated movie this is worsened by the deficient camerawork.

Ajusted ranking: 44.28%

Regardless of a critic consensus, Secret in Their Eyes wastes its implausible solid on a remake which fails to give a boost to — and even make a compelling case for its personal lifestyles along the exceptional authentic.

resummed Rating: 17.547%

Critics Consensus – No consensus but.

New: 49.748%

Complaint – Consensus: Forged paintings by Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon isn’t sufficient to avoid wasting Stepmom from a tale whose manipulations dent the effectiveness of a probably affecting drama.

3E3 Rated Rating: 49.46%

Critics Consensus: Cliche tale with a scarcity of chemistry between Richard Gere and Julia Roberts.

Belongings: 50.679%

Complaint consensus: Even though Flatliners options an excellent solid, putting visuals and an efficient temper, it by no means squeals its tale into existence.

Obtained : 57.246%

Compared to maximum of Tarsem Singh’s movies, Replicate Replicate is undeniably stunning — however its remedy of the traditional snow-white myth lacks sufficient intensity or originality to split it from the numerous different diversifications of the story.

Level – Adjusted: 56.852%

Critics consensus: Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington shape a compelling staff within the overlong Pelican Transient, a pulpy mystery that doesn’t precisely justify Alan J. Pakula’s highbrow departure from route.

The accrued ranking 58.122%

Complaint Consensus: Even though The Mexican makes a excellent effort at originality, its ponderous duration makes it dwindle out its welcome. The people who find themselves anticipating to look Roberts and Pitt paired up may additionally finally end up dissatisfied as they’re locked aside for many of the movie.

Based totally ranking : 60.1%

Critics consensus: Whilst some have discovered the most recent Big name-Cheer stole movie a a laugh, polished celebrity automobile, others state that it’s lazy, self-satisfied and illogical.

Reasonable ranking : 59.159%

Complaint Consensus : no consensus but

As scored: 69.947%

In conclusion, the sturdy solid and solidly written tale of Cash Monster journey a well timed wave of socioeconomic anger this is robust sufficient to conquer an infrequently complicated way to its worthy issues.

Index: 65.563%

Critics Consensus: Now and again creative and funny, this animated journey into an ant-sized global is a nice distraction.

Won 67.686% :

Critics Consensus: Lovely Lady could also be a YA delusion, however the movie’s slick comedy, soundtrack, and voice performing can triumph over some doubts.

Tailored ranking: 71.967%

Complaint consensus: Duplicity is well-crafted, sensible and ceaselessly humorous, however is most commonly extra cerebral than visceral and incorporates a long way too many plot twists.

With adjustment ranking: 74.802%

The sheer quantity of performing that is going on in August threatens to weigh down, but if the actors concerned are as gifted as Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts, it’s arduous to bitch.

Rating : 69.808

Reviewers consensus: Metal Magnolias has jokes and characters to spare, which makes it extra unhealthy (and efficient) when it leads to complete melodrama.

– Uncorrected Rating: 73.957%

Critics Consensus: Nearer’s gifted solid and Mike Nichols’ most often confident route lend a hand clean a bumpy journey from degree to display screen

Rating 76.236%

A pleasing efficiency by Julia Roberts and a subversive spin at the style have impressed the grievance — and My Best Buddy ’s Wedding ceremony is a refreshingly entertaining romantic comedy.

Assigned ranking: 79.159%

In a strikingly bold means in addition to satisfyingly impactful, Michael Collins celebrates his matter’s exceptional achievements with a magnetic efficiency of Liam Neeson within the name function.

Modified Rating: 76.106%

Mystic Pizza is like its name: tacky, crowned with romance and rises to the instance.

Reasonable Rating: 82.772%

Critics agree: The kids shall be entertained by the simple plot and the lovely animals, and adults shall be charmed by how quiet and humble the manufacturing is, a tremendous translation by E.B. Whites genteel prose.

Recented ranking: 80.89%

Woody Allen’s Everybody Says I Love You is every so often asymmetric, however all the time price tapping and a laugh.

Adjusted Rankings : 83.536%

As Barris, Rockwell is good and Clooney stars with entertaining taste and aptitude.

Implemented Rating: 89.988%

A refreshingly understated documentary, Ben Is Again subverts circle of relatives drama stereotypes and gives a discussion board for exceptional performances from Lucas Hedges and Julia Roberts.

Default Evaluated Rating: 87.817%

As fast paced, witty and entertaining as it’s sublime and coolly trendy, Ocean’s 11 provides a well-seasoned number of popcorn leisure.

Famous: 88.689%

With its witty script and gifted solid of energy gamers, Charlie Wilson is in a position to entertain and tell audiences.

Checked ranking: 87.126%

Notting Hill proves that there’s not anything higher than a excellent love tale — particularly when Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts are your leads.

82.101% adjusted ranking

Critics Consensus: The usage of complete good thing about Julia Roberts’ really extensive ability and enchantment, Erin Brockovich resolves a couple of persona and plot problems to ship a sensible, considerate and humorous felony drama.

Reasonable ranking: 92.737%

Consensus of critics: Marvel does now not shy clear of its bestseller-spin, however this well-acted and all-around winsome drama attracts its passions via.

Rhett Iso ed Rating : 95.207%

It’s the Critics Consensus that Because of Emmy-worthy performances from a reputable solid, The Standard Center isn’t just an impressive and heartbreaking drama, but additionally an important file of occasions main as much as and throughout the early AIDS disaster.

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