How A:TLA’s Zuko is more powerful than fans realize

“Sozin’s Comet,” Avatar‘s four-part sequence finale, is full of lots of the display’s maximum memorable scenes, from Azula’s pre-coronation psychological breakdown to Aang’s (voiced via Zach Tyler Eisen) sudden method of defeating Ozai. The aforementioned showdown between Zuko and Azula is no exception, having attained one thing of a mythical standing amongst animated combat scenes normally. The stunningly orchestrated rating, the beautiful animation, the emotional price coursing via all the come upon … it is unforgettable.

It is usually exhausting to omit that Zuko loses the combat — no longer as a result of Azula outfights him or as a result of he messes up, however as a result of he protects Katara (voiced via Mae Whitman). She comes alongside desiring to give a boost to him, however Zuko insists from the get-go that he face Azula on my own. “There is something off about her,” he says to Katara. “I will be able to’t provide an explanation for it however she’s slipping. And this fashion, no person else has to get harm.” And so it is that the royal Hearth Country siblings duke it out, Katara staring at with a bit of luck from the sidelines. After Zuko journeys Azula up, she fees lightning in retaliation, however as an alternative of capturing it at him goals instantly for Katara.

This is the place cradiak’s statement is available in: Zuko is rapid sufficient to each intercept and redirect the lightning. Even if he is grievously wounded for the trouble, assume for a second simply how briskly Zuko would should be to accomplish this kind of feat. There is no longer a lot distance between him and Azula when she blasts the lightning, both. The precise velocity of lightning will depend on air prerequisites (in addition to who you ask), however regardless, it strikes at hundreds upon hundreds of miles in keeping with hour. Zuko’s already an improbable firebender, however to transport that rapid? Madness.

Now, to be truthful, Avatar by no means outright discusses whether or not or no longer bender-generated lightning travels as temporarily as herbal lightning. It additionally by no means clarifies whether or not there may be a way for firebenders to behave as a lightning rod of types and draw in close by assets of electrical energy; that Iroh redirects a real bolt of lightning in season one may well be evidence of that. There is no doubt, on the other hand, that Azula’s lightning is no comic story, and Zuko with the ability to counter it in a second’s understand over this kind of tiny distance is not anything in need of superb.

This is the place the “Who is essentially the most powerful bender within the sequence?” argument begins, and the place this text ends. Let the Agni Kai of hypothesis start!

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