This was the most annoying character on That ’70s Show

Did we point out that Bob and his spouse Midge (Tanya Roberts) are nudists who throw nudist events of their house? Additionally they get somewhat too romantic in puts they almost certainly should not. This contains the inside Eric’s Vista Cruiser and their extremely visual yard hammock the place, as a child, Donna used to learn her Nancy Drew books.

So father of the yr, Bob isn’t. What he’s, is a hypocrite. Despite the fact that he and Midge love to stay issues risqué, when he reveals out that Eric picked up delivery regulate drugs for Donna, he does his highest to intimidate the 17 yr outdated relatively than communicate to Eric or Donna about it. If any person will have to be intercourse sure, it is friggin’ Bob Pinciotti.

As though that wasn’t sufficient proof that Bob is the literal worst, the man regularly spouts sexist feedback, calls his spouse a “maniac,” and complains that her recommendation that we will have to name mail carriers mailwomen is silly. So whilst Bob has his endearing moments on the display — like hiring Purple when he wishes a role — he is additionally understandably landed the identify of most annoying. Laborious to argue with the details, right here.

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