What are the Best WordPress Migration Tools for Your Website?

It is an easy job to set-up a WordPress website. But, when it comes to moving it, it becomes daunting. There are several reasons to migrate your WordPress site. It might be such that you are running an agency or developing sites for clients. Whatever be the reason, it is a risky and time-consuming job, especially when you are not sure about your doings. Therefore, below are some of the best WordPress migration tools that will not require many manual efforts, and you can avoid the uncertain crashing of your site.

Migrate guru:

When it comes to file sizes and multisite, migrate guru proves to be more successful than the other tools. Management of website migration becomes much simpler, even if you have a large and complex multisite network. Websites having a size up to 200GB are transferable. One-click integration is incorporated with the plugin, which makes it a faster solution when it comes to moving websites to other servers.

Management of the website transfers is done on the migrate guru servers itself. Therefore, you do not need to put too much pressure to prevent crashing while making the transfer. Even if your site is too big or stuffed with files, the tool remains easy to use.

Duplicator Pro:

Among all the WordPress migration plugins available on the market, Duplicator Pro is the best choice. There is no necessity of possessing technical knowledge to put it into work. For almost all types of migration scenarios, it works perfectly. The tool has a simple wizard that will guide you step by step throughout the migration process.

Firstly, you have to create a migration package of your site and download it along with an installer script on your computer. Then you need to upload both the package and installer script to the new host or server and only run the migration wizard. Duplicator will itself unpack your package’s content and install them. After the unpackaging, it becomes necessary to make sure that everything is running swiftly. Thus, the plugin also allows you to update URLs.

All-in-One WP Migration:

With over millions of installations and an impressive following, the All-in-One WP Migration plugin has become one of the best options. Without any technical knowledge, you can still take a download of WordPress files with this plugin. The drag and drop interface of this tool enables you to upload your website to a new location very swiftly.

At the time of exportation, you get to find and replace options that help you in serialization and can solve almost any problem. The top hosting companies are in partnership with All-in-one WP migration. Thus, you will not need to worry about any performance issues. The best part about this particular plugin is that it can bypass some of the limitations regarding uploading size on WordPress.


Besides being a backup tool, UpdraftPlus can do much more. It has the potential not only to restore files to a new place but also makes the process simpler, faster, and more secure. For backing up the files on your website, you need to use a one-click button.

After this, the restoration can be performed on the same website or some new location. Dropbox, Google Drive, and some other popular cloud storage services enable it to perform the backups swiftly. With UpdraftPlus, automatic backup schedules are also possible. You can also migrate and backup multisite networks.


The above-mentioned plugins are selected based on their functionalities. Therefore, before testing them understand your needs and objectives. While selecting a plugin, understand the importance of user experience too. You can also take premium subscriptions of the mentioned plugins to enjoy the most exclusive and seamless services.

Based on your needs, budgets, and objectives, make a fruitful choice. You need to invest a few hours in making a wise decision, learn the consequences, and get yourself prepared with thorough research before taking any further steps.


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