Bollywood biggies’ case against TV channels shows no stomach to fight    

A Bollywood charade

The case filed by means of Bollywood biggies against two TV channels seems suspiciously like what we name ‘Noora Kushti’. This is a charade just like the Global Wrestling Federation bouts, a spectacle with none substance. There may be no earthly reason the petition must no longer have claimed damages for defamation. As a substitute, all that it asks is for route to the 2 channels to prevent maligning the movie fraternity and contact them names. A much more efficient treatment, and an exemplary one at that, would were to ask for damages value Rs 200 Crore or extra to be used for the technicians, extras and 1000’s of day-to-day wagers relying at the leisure business for a dwelling.

The movie business, like different industries, have at all times been beholden to the Executive, which is everybody’s ‘Mai Baap’ on this nation. The business’s courting with the media, particularly TV channels, has been incestuous. They thrive on every different. It has rightly been stated that those similar manufacturers, actors and musicians who’ve sued Instances Now and Republic TV will fortuitously attend occasions arranged by means of the channels, settle for awards given by means of them and actually dance on the occasions.

The suspicion that the case is a pink herring is reinforced by means of Akshay Kumar being one of the most petitioners. The actor is understood for interviewing High Minister Modi earlier than the remaining election and asking him questions on how he preferred consuming mangoes. This is identical actor who’s a fan boy of the BJP and if he so sought after, he may have simply were given the PMO and the Executive to name up the TV channels. The marketing campaign against Bollywood would have stopped in no time.

Additionally it is noteworthy that when Mumbai Police summoned Republic TV officers for interrogation within the TRP case, nearly all the BJP rallied to its defence. The celebration had accomplished no such factor in case of Bollywood.

The entertainers can’t do with out TV channels and the Executive. That’s the laborious truth. And there may be a lot more to the civil case than meets the eyes. Indisputably, the announcement of an indefinite boycott of the channels until they tendered an apology would were way more efficient?

Kamala Srinivasan

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