Questions we have about Supe children in The Boys

In season 1, MM discovers that the Vought-funded charity Samaritan’s Embody ships Compound V to hospitals the place it’s then administered to babies — therefore laser child. Then again, the display has been much less transparent about whether or not Compound V may well be offered to a fetus in utero, and what that will mean for the mummy. Throughout the collection, it is been established that Homelander (Antony Starr) used to be necessarily raised as a lab rat, however the instances of his start may dangle a grisly solution to this query.

The Boys comedian books, on which the display is based totally, divulge that Homelander’s mom is a mentally disabled lady that Vought makes use of to provide start to their purest hero. Within the strategy of giving start to him, she dies a terrible demise. Technically, Homelander is created the usage of Stormfront’s (Aya Money) genetic subject matter — given his intimate courting with the nature, arms crossed this is not the case at the display — so it isn’t precisely the similar as injecting a nonetheless creating fetus with Compound V. Nonetheless, it does recommend that introducing Compound V ahead of a kid is born comes with inherent dangers to the newborn and mom, that make it a much less fascinating possibility for an organization that desires to stay its superhero-making trade quiet.

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