The most underrated episode of Futurama

It is all too simple for anthology episodes to devolve into gimmicks, however Futurama so totally commits to telling a tale throughout the bounds of its selected animation taste that “Reincarnation” by no means feels lazy — it is reasonably the other, actually. The first section, “Colorama,” is rooted in Fleischer’s acquainted black and white taste: the characters have doe eyes and they are in a relentless state of movement. The tale itself specializes in Fry looking to ruin off a bit of diamond from a comet to offer to Leela as an engagement ring, and it culminates with him inadvertently growing a wholly new colour. After all, the audience cannot see the colour, for the reason that section is animated in black and white. 

Colour taking part in the sort of outstanding position in a tale the place the one colours are various sun shades of black, white, and grey is all phase of the shaggy dog story, and it is a theme that carries via the following two segments. As an example, in the second one phase, when Farnsworth discovers the name of the game to the universe, the characters are blown away — however as a result of of the low solution of 8-bit animation (as pictured above), the viewer most effective sees a black sq.. In any case, within the anime-themed section, when Zoidberg does his peace dance, a nonetheless symbol of him is moved across the display screen, with movement traces. It is absurd, nerdy, and totally easiest, particularly for animation devotees.

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