Why Picard’s special uniform is surprisingly important

The stardate is 45047.2, the true date is September 30, 1991, and the episode is “Darmok.” The Undertaking-D has been tasked with making an attempt to construct The Youngsters of Tama regardless of excessive issue in working out their language. In the event you have been alive when that episode first aired, you have been most likely very distracted for one quite simple explanation why: the captain was once dressed in an open jacket. 

Sure, whilst everybody else was once nonetheless of their commonplace uniforms, Captain Picard was once tooling round in a suede coat with black, leather-based shoulders. And whilst the leather-based would in the long run get replaced with microsuede, we might get started seeing Picard on this outfit increasingly more regularly. The query is, the place did this new jacket come from, and why? 

It seems that Sir Patrick Stewart himself was once eager about making Picard stand out, in keeping with StarTrek.com. Robert Blackman, in conjunction with Stewart’s enter, set about making this new jacket to just do that. There is justification for a captain-specific uniform each inside the continuity of Celebrity Trek, and in actual lifestyles: For instance, on Celebrity Trek: The Unique Sequence, Captain Kirk (William Shatner) were given his personal wraparound tunic uniform. In actual lifestyles, it isn’t unusual for sure air provider and submarine commanders to have a uniform particular to them.

However what makes this new uniform truly fascinating is the mental element, so far as Picard himself. We have now spent years with everybody however Troi forever dressed in the similar factor, and it is noteworthy that Picard, of all other people, is the only to stretch his wings and put on one thing other. The rationale, because it occurs, is associated with a somewhat darkish incident with the Borg.

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