Who Owns The ‘Mona Lisa’?

Painted by means of Leonardo da Vinci, the “Mona Lisa” is regarded as probably the most famous portrait on the earth. Who has owned the portray thru its historical past and who owns it lately?

The “Mona Lisa” is owned by means of the country of France, having prior to now been within the ownership of the French royal circle of relatives. Leonardo da Vinci had moved to France sooner than he died and it was once received by means of King Francis I. Lately, it’s positioned within the Louvre in Paris.

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For extra at the historical past of the “Mona Lisa” and the way it got here to be the sector’s maximum famous portrait, learn on.


In spite of being one of the crucial famous art work in historical past, little or no is understood about the true introduction of the portray with simple task. It was once created by means of Leonardo da Vinci sooner or later within the early 1500s however the id of the lady within the portray, in addition to who commissioned it and the way it ended up in France, are all hotly debated topics.

Students consider that the portray was once commissioned by means of Francesco del Giocondo, a material service provider dwelling in Florence. The sitter is assumed to be Giocondo’s spouse, Lisa Gherardini, and the portray’s trade name Los angeles Gioconda helps this idea.

Additionally it is theorized that the portray was once commissioned to mark one in every of two events. The first of those was once the delivery of the couple’s 2d son, Andrea, in 1502 after shedding a daughter in 1499.

The proven fact that the lady within the portray is dressed in what’s once in a while regarded as a mourning veil helps this idea. Her enigmatic smile birthed the time period “Gioconda smile”, used to confer with an expression very similar to the portray.

Some other imaginable explanation why for the commissioning of the portrait was once the acquisition of a space by means of Giocondo and his spouse in 1503. Either one of those theories are in step with the time-frame of the portray’s introduction.


Along with its inventive good looks, the “Mona Lisa” could also be consultant of a shift within the composition of portraits. It’s the earliest instance of an Italian portrait that focuses intently on a unmarried sitter in half-length and comprises the topic’s hands and palms throughout the body.

Impressed by means of Flemish portray conventions of the 1400s however with a special composition, the “Mona Lisa” influenced numerous items of art work within the centuries since its introduction. It additionally marked a shift in Leonardo’s paintings, because it was once the primary of his portraits to be composed in this sort of approach.


For unknown causes, the portray didn’t input the possession of the person who commissioned it, believed to be Giocondo. It’s believed that Leonardo stored the portray in his ownership for greater than a decade, proceeding to make slight changes to it during this time.

Leonardo moved to France in 1516 and most probably took the portray with him to proceed running on it, which might give an explanation for the way it got here to be within the nation. He would have needed to stop running at the portray in 1517 at the most recent as he misplaced the usage of his proper hand, explaining why it was once no longer fully completed.

In the future, the portray entered the possession of the French royal circle of relatives and was once varnished sooner or later within the 1500s. After the French Revolution deposed the abolition of the normal monarchy, the “Mona Lisa” was once positioned within the Louvre in Paris.

It has remained within the Louvre ever since, with some exceptions. Napoleon had it positioned in his bed room within the Tuileries Palace within the early 1800s.

The portray had handiest been recognized to the artwork global for far of its historical past however started gaining wider reputation within the 1860s. It was once briefly relocated to the arsenal in Brest right through the Franco-Prussian Conflict of 1870 to 1871.

The “Mona Lisa” was once stolen on August 21, 1911, sooner or later discovered to were taken by means of Vincenzo Peruggia, a Louvre worker. Peruggia was once Italian and believed the portray belonged in Leonard’s house in Italy.

He stored the portray in his condo for 2 years however was once stuck when looking to promote it, due to this fact despatched to jail for 6 months. It was once moved once more right through Global Conflict II however sooner or later put again within the Louvre, the place it has remained since. 

Just like the gallery it’s been positioned in, the Mona Lisa is the valuables of the country of France. In 1962, it was once valued at $100 million for insurance coverage, making it probably the most precious portray in historical past.

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